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The vision of Bachelor Degree Sociology Study Program:

“Being an excellent study program that plays an active role in community development through the process of education, research, and service as well as being a scientific information center in the field of sociology based on social and cultural wisdom”


The mission of Bachelor Degree Sociology Study Program:

  1. Creating study programs as centers of excellence in the field of the international standard of development and environment sociology. As a process for efforts towards world-class university, in line with the mission of Brawijaya University, S1 Sociology Study Program also strives to aim for the achievement of national standards and gradually towards international standards.
  2. Realizing the function and governance of study programs in producing graduates who are competent, independent and competitive in the field of Sociology. In the process of governance and organizational functions of study programs, it is directed to produce graduates who are competent, independent and competitive so that they are able to compete in the market and have the ability to develop.
  3.  Optimizing the lecture, research and community service systems that are adaptive and sensitive to the development of the moral, spiritual and entrepreneurial commitment to science and technology. The teaching and learning process is the core business of the Sociology S1 Study Program, therefore in the implementation of the process must always follow the contemporary development of science in addition to axiologically giving the maximum benefit for community development.
  4. Develop studies, scientific publications and their application in the sociology and interdisciplinary fields and seek their utilization in the national development process. The institutional/institutional development process in the Sociology S1 Study Program is directed integratively so that the learning process through education, research and community service is in harmony and synergy in an effort to support national development goals.
  5. Creating a social documentation service center as a means of community development based on social and cultural wisdom (local wisdom).
  6. Develop strategic partnerships with stakeholders in education, research/research and community service that are qualified and professional.


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