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On July 10, 2013, our department’s held the Soziologe discussion session. The topic of the week was symbolic interactionism approach, by Nike Kusumawanti, S.Sos, MA. It was concluded that each human interaction contents symbols. Interpretations on the symbols depend on the interactions. Professor Danilyn Rutherford (left), head of Anthropology Department, University of California at Santa Cruz, also joined the discussion. She is a researcher interested in disability studies.



Cooperation between the Center for Culture and Frontier Studies (CCFS) and our department was held on June 11, 2013. It was part of The Culture Week. The keynote speakers including Professor Soetandjo Wignjosoebroto, MPA (second from the left), Professor Irwan Abdullah, Ph.D (third from the left), and Professor Dr. I Nyoman Nurjaya (on the right), and the moderator was Mr Ary Budhi. The discussion was focused on nationality and frontier development.



The above picture was taken during an event as part of Center for Culture and Frontier Studies (CCFS) UB cooperation with our department  on May 23-24, 2013. This was part of the center’s launching. The event was a dialogue on the book “Nyai dan Pergundikan di Hindia Belanda (Mistress and Mistress Relationship in Indonesia under Dutch Occupation). The keynote speakers were Mr J. J. Rizal (left) and Siti Kohlifah Ph.D. (right). Arief B. Nugroho, S.Sos., M.Si.was the moderator.


lutfi dani

Aside from discussion and a book event, the CCFS launching also consisted of a documentary film event. For this event, the documentary chosen was Kembali Merajah Mentawai (The Return of the Mentawai Tattoos). The keynote speaker was Mr Dhanny S. Sutopo, S.Sos, M Si (right), an anthropologist with research experience on the lives of indigenous people of Sumatra, Borneo and Papua. The moderator was Mr Lutfi Amiruddin, S.Sos., M.Sc.



The May series of Soziologe on May 17, 2013 featured phenomenology. Presented by Andini S Karlina, the event was specifically focused on this approach by Marleau Ponti.



Our department also held a documentary film event, where students and staff watch documentary films and then discuss them together. On May 10, 2014, the chosen documentary was Di Balik Frekuensi (Behind Frequency), directed by Ucu Agustin. The event was moderated by Anton Novenanto, S.Sos., MA. The partiality of mass media in Indonesia is portrayed in this film, as well as the monopoly of giant Indonesian mass media.



Students of our department discussed the data findings during our Quantitative Research Methods course on May 4, 2013. In this course, students are trained to scientifically read the social reality and to implement field research ethics. Assisted by coursework assistants, the lecturers also provide field consultation at several research sites in the Regency of Malang.



Students listened to explanations from two lecturers in our department on April 26, 2013. Students go to research sites for an integrated course comprising Social Statistics-Social Structure and Social Institutions-Social Change courses. The students in the above picture were tasked with data collection in several locations at the Village of Wagir, the District of Wagir, the Regency of Malang.



Two students in an interview with a villager informant at the Village of Ngadas, the District of Poncokusumo, the Regency of Malang about tourism potentials of the said village (on April 20, 2013). This activity was part of the Globalisation and Tourism course (available in even semesters).



On April 19, 2013, our lecturer Iwan Nurhadi, S.Sos., M.Si presented the Grounded Research approach during our monthly Soziologe event.



Several of our students and lecturers in a  Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with representatives of a neighborhood close to a factory, in this case a neighborhood under the sub-district of Gadang (March 28, 2013). By cooperating with the industry sector, this research was aimed at empowering the people around a factory. Other research locations including areas in the Regency of Malang and other areas under the Municipality of Malang.



The March series of our Soziologe event on March 8, 2013, was led by Mr Dhanny S. Sutopo, S.Sos., M.Si. The topic was Ethnography and Its Implementations.



During three days on February 15-17, 2013 lecturers and staff held a meeting on Sahid Montana hotel for our organizational restructurization.

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