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  • Vision:

“An excellent department that plays an active role in community development through education, research and community services, as well as a centre for scientific local wisdom-based information in sociology.”


  • Mission:

To realise the vision, our missions are:

  1. To be an excellent, internationally-standardized centre for sociology of development, sociology of environment, and sociology of media

The statement is pertinent toBrawijaya University’s mission toward a world class university. Our department strives towards national and gradually international standards.

  1. Strengthening of function and management of department toward competent, independent and competitive graduates.

Graduates are expected to be competent in the job market and possess developing skills.

  1. Optimizing adaptable and sensitive course system, research and community service projects toward an entrepreneurially, morally and spiritually-committed development of science and technology.

Our core business is teaching and learning, so we must always follow the contemporary development in our discipline, as well as axiologically provide as many advantages as possible for community development.

  1. Improving of studies, scientific publications, and their implementations both inside sociology and inter-disciplinary and attempts for their implementation in national development. Our institutional improvementsare integrated with the learning, researching, and community servicing in synergy and harmony to support the aims of national development
  2. Realizing a local wisdom-based center for social documentations in community development
  3. Building qualified and professional strategic partnerships with stakeholders in education, research and community service.
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